My perspective on music - composition and percussion - and the kinds of theatre productions and projects I am involved with, are all a reflection of the in-between of the social and cultural spaces I have embodied and that I inhabit as a British Nigerian: I am London and Lagos; Funk and Folk; Poetry and Politics; Philosophy and Performance.

My heart is in two places - here in England - yes, but in Nigeria too. My grandmother was from a travelling masquerade cult in Yoruba-land - I am part of that -it calls me. The groove that I cultivate is as much Manu Dibango and Fela Kuti as it is Funkadelic and Earth Wind and Fire; I am as likely to listen to PJ Harvey’s ‘Let England Shake’, or move to the drum of Mark Rylance in ‘Jerusalem’, as I am to be inspired by the spoken word of Katie Tempest. Music for me is both hyper-modern and metaphysical: Winton Marsalis expressed this beautifully when he entitled his album - ‘Black Codes (from the Underground)’.
— Sola Akingbola, about me ...

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