the percussive music of Sola Akingbola makes a vital contribution to a production that makes you feel, even if you are seeing Hamlet for the 50th time, that you are experiencing it anew.
— The Guardian 23rd March 2016
Sola Akingbola’s percussive music accentuating the nervy tribalism
— The Evening Standard 23rd March 2016

Mixing thunderous percussion, choral singing and glitchy electronica, Sola collaborated with Jon Nicholls to compose a score mirroring the electric tension in a production juxtaposing the traditional with the contemporary. The result was a production of Hamlet unlike anything heard before. It was broadcast live to cinemas nationally and internationally on 8th June 2016.  

Sola recently performed his compositions for Ophelia's Songs with his live band Critical Mass at the National Theatre Riverstage.

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