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Critical Mass felt timely: a band that is trying to engage in discourse about global tensions in the world - for justice, for change, for greater dialogue with regard to the things that people, and particularly disenfranchised people, are not happy about. So, Critical Mass is the musical vehicle for me to express this - as a Funky-Roots sound...
— Sola Akingbola Live@Battersea
Generation Vex - the debut single - is about the anger and discontent of youth, particularly in the UK - London after the riots in 2011. It is about each new generation taking a critical perspective on the last, challenging the status quo, and often, simply saying - no!. Look at the Arab Spring, look at what is happening now in the cities of the USA, with ‘Black Lives Matter’ - there is a ground swell of social media-informed mobilisation against injustice. That has got to be a good thing.
— Sola Akingbola Live@Battersea
Critical Mass is not just a band - it matters because it is part of a cultural movement - there is a whole generation of young Yoruba people here in England, and in Nigeria, who are feeling separated form their language and cultural roots. Sola Akingbola is making it possible for them to reconnect with that and with each other in the most beautiful way.
— Jeremiah Oyalele, bass player, Critical Mass

Meet the band

Photos from the latest gig at The Riverstage as The National Theatre, Summer 2016

Photos by Gillian Evans @urbananthropology



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