AUTOMATON @Chillington Studios

Week two of rehearsals and I am excited to be back in my cockpit of sound and percussion paraphernalia - getting ready for take off with The Space Cowboys.

Ableton Live is our new digital companion as we prepare to go live with AUTOMATON - the latest Jamiroquai album. The new sound demands an evolution of technique; human/machine relations are on my mind as I adapt to the future of percussive production. How to retain the feel, and groove, as I move seamlessly from congas and skin to technologies of pad, trigger and loop?

Putting us through our paces, our flight commander, Mr Matt Johnson - Jamiroquai keyboardist, Musical Director, and principal co-writer of Automaton (with the inimitable Mr JK) – demands, each day, that we run punishing sets of several 2-hour rehearsals.

It's all good - we’re making it real one live tune at a time. Next up is the transfer from Chillington to a mega-aircraft-hanger-size rehearsal space to test out the live show. Watch this space as we prepare to go global! Live and direct – summer 2017 - festivals here we come...




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