I got the gig on percussion with Jamiroquai because of my name. The drummer - Derrick McKenzie - came to see me the day before Jamiroquai were due to do an important television show in Paris - Tara Tata. They needed a percussionist in a hurry. So, Derrick called me and asked me if he could come and meet me, and would I be interested. I didn’t know Derrick then, so I asked him why he came to me? And he said, “...your name was third on the list, but your name fascinated me. I felt like I needed to see what you were about with a name like that!’

Eighteen years, six albums, a wicked rhythm section, and countless world tours later, the rest is history.
— Sola Akingbola Live@Battersea

A selection of albums featuring Sola on percussion

See below for a link to the recording of Sola playing solo in the home studio of Martin Cohen - founder of Latin Percussion - where many of the world’s percussion legends go to hang out when they are in the Big Apple. Sola was relaxing in advance of the Jamiroquai gig at Forest Hills Stadium in September 2018. It was an honour for Sola to be invited to Martin Cohen’s home, to see the percussion wall of fame in the studio, and to offer a contribution to Martin’s archive of solo performances.

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