I got the gig on percussion with Jamiroquai because of my name. The drummer - Derrick McKenzie - came to see me the day before Jamiroquai were due to do an important television show in Paris - Tara Tata. They needed a percussionist in a hurry. So, Derrick called me and asked me if he could come and meet me, and would I be interested. I didn’t know Derrick then, so I asked him why he came to me? And he said, “...your name was third on the list, but your name fascinated me. I felt like I needed to see what you were about with a name like that!’

Eighteen years, six albums, a wicked rhythm section, and countless world tours later, the rest is history.
— Sola Akingbola Live@Battersea

A selection of albums featuring Sola on percussion

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